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5 Types Of People That We Follow On Social Networks

We are all different, unique and all the other stuff that our parents and friends tell us to make us feel better about ourselves when we just don’t fit in, or we can’t find someone to share our hobbies and dislikes with. But there are things that make us so similar, it’s scary. Take social networks for instance. Most of us have at least one account, that we check at least on a weekly basis, no matter how busy we […]

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5 Movies To Watch On Valentine’s Day Instead Of Romantic Comedies

Ah, Valentine’s Day. The day when it seems that the only shape left on the market is a heart. Heart-shaped candy boxes, stuffed toys, cards, jewelry, pictures…hell, today even ashtrays are heart shaped. Whether you’re a hater, who can’t wait for this day to be over, or a lover, who’s got an entire romantic evening prepared, you’ll probably end the night watching a movie with or without your loved one. And there are at least 5 recent movies that are […]

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The 5 Unwritten Laws Of Social Media

Every day, I turn on my laptop at about 9 in the morning, and before I realize it, two or three hours have passed and haven’t really done anything useful. And every day, I keep asking myself: What have I done for the past couple of hours? And it’s always the same: read some news on Facebook, post some Tweets, reply to emails, Repin some pictures, Oink some locations…and the list goes on. Although I have a long day ahead, […]

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