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5 Things To Be Excited About In April

With just a couple of days keeping us apart from the beginning of April, I started searching the web for interesting things to do this month. And let me just say that April looks like a pretty exciting month this year. Besides sunny skies and holidays, April also has a lot to offer when it comes to movies and TV shows. So, here they are: the 5 things to be excited about in April. 1. The Hunger Games After all […]

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5 High School Stereotypes That Define Facebook Users

I guess it’s no news anymore that every Facebook user can fit a certain pattern. You have the guy who shares everything he does, the girl who likes everything that others post, the ones who have tons on friends in their list, although they only talk to less than half of them, and so on. But, if you come to think about it, Facebook isn’t the only place where you can find all these typologies. Besides other social networks with […]

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Mar 5, 2012 - Articles    2 Comments

5 Movies That Shouldn’t Have Won The Oscar For Best Picture

The Oscar is probably the most important award that a movie, producer, director, screenwriter and actor can win. It’s what sets a movie apart from all the others, and what turns an actor into a star. And since it is such an important award, it’s only natural to raise comments and debates. Not anybody can be happy with the movies that win. And I, for one, feel that the movies that won the Oscar for Best Picture in the past […]

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