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Jun 11, 2012 - Monday App    No Comments

Bridge Constructor Puts Your Mind To The Test

Article first published as Bridge Constructor Puts Your Mind To The Test on Technorati. With more than 80 votes, Bridge Constructor has been the Top Game in the AppStore for almost a week. But is it really that great or just buzz worthy? Bridge Constructor is the type of game that puts your mind to the test. You don’t need to be an architect or an actual constructor to be able to build these bridges, but you do need a keen eye to […]

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Jun 8, 2012 - Friday Movie    No Comments

Prometheus vs Madagascar 3

Among the movies being released this weekend in the US, I think there are at least 2 that are going to make their mark in the Box Office. These are the controversial, long expected Prometheus, and the funny and already popular Madagascar 3. I, for one, will probably go see Madagascar 3, although I bet that Prometheus won’t miss me, since all the seats will probably be taken at every show. The thing with Prometheus is that before seeing the […]

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Jun 7, 2012 - Thursday Story    No Comments

Rules Of Engagement Part 1

Sometimes it takes a guy to get a guy…and a girl to get a girl –          I dare you to send her a message. Isn’t that how the best stories start? With a dare. With something you wouldn’t have done under normal circumstances. But you’re too drunk, it’s too late or you have too big of an ego to say you don’t dare. The rest is history, as they say. –          Ok, and what do I tell her? –          Hi. […]

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Jun 6, 2012 - Creative Wednesday    No Comments

Haruki Murakami – A Wild Sheep Chase

Everything happens for a reason, as the main character of Haruki Murakami’s novel finds out in A Wild Sheep Chase. What starts as an ordinary story about an ordinary man turns into a Murakami classic once our character receives a disturbing call concerning a picture that he published in an advertising material. The picture was sent to him by a long lost mysterious friend whom he hasn’t seen in years. And when he decides to use it, our character does […]

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Jun 5, 2012 - Tuesday Tip    No Comments

How To Make Your Tea More Delicious

I love tea. Fruit tea, black, red, green. Name it and I’m sure I love it. But there are some types of tea that need more work to have that wonderful taste that they are meant to. And although you follow all the steps right, your tea might still end up tasting awful. Just because it failed the filtering test. Let’s face it: there are some tea strainers that just can’t get the job done right. But that doesn’t mean […]

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Jun 4, 2012 - Monday App    No Comments

Ready, Set, Mega Run

Having been released for less than a week, Mega Run is already in the Top 10 Free Apps in the AppStore. So, naturally, I decided to give it a try. And I had a blast playing it! Mega Run is an arcade game that got me thinking of the classic Super Mario. Only that here the main character of the game is a cute, red, dinosaur looking little creature. His name is Redford and he is on a quest to […]

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