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5 Clues That Christmas Is Coming


Even though there are almost three weeks until Christmas, most of us are already thinking about it, some of us already have lists with what gifts to buy, and a few have already bought them. And, whether you like it or not, there’s no way you can’t feel Christmas is coming.

And that’s because there are at least 5 clues that Christmas is coming:

1. You can see it

Fist of all, wherever you look, you can see Christmas lights and decorations. All the stores are filled with Christmas trees, beautifully decorated with colored figurines of Santa, Rudolph or the Snowman. The lights are shining bright in the entire city. And all the supermarkets and malls look as if Santa has just moved in. From the pile of toys to the gigantic globes and tinsel hanging from the ceiling, all these things make you feel that you live in Christmas town.

2. You can hear it

And even if you’re not looking at the lights and decorations, you can hear that Christmas is coming. Christmas carols are playing all over the place, making you feel that you’re already at home, with your friends and family gathered around the tree, unwrapping gifts. You can hear the Christmas carols playing in the streets, when you go for a walk, in the supermarkets, when you go shopping, and sometimes even in buses, when you go to work.

3. You can smell it

Christmas is also all about fragrances. You can feel the fresh smell of the Christmas trees that are decorated in the streets. You can feel the sweet smell of candy, when you enter shops. And you can feel the most suggestive Christmas smell, that of cinnamon. You can smell it in the boiling wine. You can smell it in the ginger bread. You can even smell it in the special edition sweets, that taste of apple and cinnamon.

4. You can taste it

And if you can smell Christmas, it’s only natural that you can taste it too. There are Christmas fairs all over the place, drawing you towards them with all the delicious products they have to offer. The large variety of chocolate. The cookies. The ginger bread. The candies. They all make it taste like Christmas already.

5. You can feel it

All in all, you can actually feel Christmas. Regardless of the fact that you can touch all the beautiful things that you can see, smell and taste, you can actually feel Christmas, when the first snow flake touches your face. Or when you unwrap the first gifts of December, when Saint Nicholas fills your boots with toys, candies and other things that you wished for.

So, today, instead of being sad that it’s Monday, enjoy all the Christmas beauty surrounding you. Just look around you and see Christmas, hear it, smell it, taste it, feel it. And don’t forget to prepare your boots for Saint Nicholas to fill them up tonight!

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