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5 Covers, 1 Hit: Somebody That I Used To Know


It’s a fact: Gotye’s song, Somebody That I Used To Know is here to stay. It’s already been a couple of months since we first saw the clip, but we can’t seem to get enough of it. I don’t know what’s Gotye’s secret ingredient, but everybody seems to love this song, no matter if they’re into rock or pop, from Europe or America, students or businessmen. And the bigger the hit, the more covers and parodies it gets.

I, for one, am not really fond of these parodies. But the covers, I must admit that there were some that left me speechless. Because, even if they were extremely similar to the original or completely the opposite, there’s just something about this song that makes it great no matter how it’s played. But enough talking. Let’s see just 5 covers that make Somebody That I Used To Know an international wonder.

1. Walk Off The Earth

I’m sure you all know this cover, because it’s so creative and so advertised that I think these guys’ clip is even more popular than the original. Walk Off The Earth comes to prove that where there’s talent, 5 people only need one guitar to prove themselves. They are absolutely amazing and deserve all this popularity, there’s no doubt about it.

2. Glee

For all of you Glee fans out there, this cover is probably just as popular as the one made by Walk Off The Earth. Probably Glee’s performance isn’t as spectacular as WOTE’s. But when your song gets to be interpreted in such a popular show like Glee, it’s clear that you made your mark. And even if you only get to be heard by the teenagers watching Glee, they are numerous enough to get you in any music chart and keep you there.

3. Boyce Avenue

I just heard Boyce Avenue’s cover today and it wast love at first hearing. It’s an acoustic cover, and I think that pretty much says it all. Therefore, you should expect a really talented singer with a great voice and a master with the guitar. It’s just that type of cover that you listen to when you’re looking to get lost in your thoughts.

4. Matthias Harris

Now, I only needed a couple of seconds to know that I really like this guy’s version of Somebody That I Used To Know. I must admit that I don’t know who he is, never heard of him in my life. But he’s absolutely fabulous. The way he performs this song is not only funny, but also amazing. Once he starts playing, all you’ll be able to say is : “wow”, “OMG” or “Marry me”, as some girls already commented 🙂

5. Romania’s Got Talent: Silviu Pasca & Friends

Last, but not least, I had 2 reasons to pick this cover. First of all, it’s way different than the original and all the other covers in this list. And second of all, it comes to prove just how far this hit traveled, getting to be performed at Romania’s Got Talent. And I bet that it’s not the only competition where contestants interpreted Somebody That I Used To Know to prove their talent.

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