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5 High School Stereotypes That Define Facebook Users


I guess it’s no news anymore that every Facebook user can fit a certain pattern. You have the guy who shares everything he does, the girl who likes everything that others post, the ones who have tons on friends in their list, although they only talk to less than half of them, and so on. But, if you come to think about it, Facebook isn’t the only place where you can find all these typologies. Besides other social networks with a similar structure to Facebook, you can find all these types of users in the place where stereotypes are born.

That’s High School, of course. And here are just 5 High School stereotypes that define Facebook users:

1. The Popular

When it comes to High School, at the top of the pyramid there’s only one person: a cheerleader, who almost always is also the most popular girl in school. She is surrounded by other people, who are considered to be popular just because they hang out with her. This is the person that even the people who hate her pretend to love her, everybody agrees with her and want to be her. This is the Facebook user that no matter what he posts, he will get at least a dozen likes and a couple of shares. Most of the time, he posts neutral stuff, like artsy pictures and cool videos, or pearls of wisdom that will make everybody else feel enlightened. Usually, you roll your eyes when you see another one of his posts, but if you want to be a part of his group, and let others see that you know him, you have to at least pretend that you like his post.

2. The Jock

Right next to the popular girl there’s almost always a jock. Most of the times, he’s almost as popular as his girl, and his mainly interested in sports. He has a couple of medals and trophies at home, and he is always up for the challenge, when it comes to playing games. On Facebook, this is the gamer. He might not be as popular as the High School jock, but he is as addicted to games as the jock. It’s that person who always sends you tons of invites to play all sorts of games, collect a cow from his FarmVille or try to beat his score in Angry Birds. He’s not a geek, because he doesn’t do anything more on Facebook besides playing and challenging other users. And he’s only popular in the sense that everybody knows him as the one who annoys them with tons of game invites and his achievements.

3. The Gossip Girl

Besides popular girls and jocks, there’s another type of person that most of the time gets accepted, because it’s safe to have her on your side. This is the gossip girl, and, as expected, she can’t keep anything to herself. Even if it’s something that happened to her or to some other person, she has to let everybody know the story. On Facebook, these are the persons who have at least 5 posts per day, and almost all the posts are about them or something surrounding them: a neighbor, their dog, their mom, their friend…even a poor bird singing at their window. These are the persons who, even if they don’t have something to talk about, they will make up a story just to make sure that they post something today. Nobody cares if they brushed their teeth 10 times today, or if their neighbor is having a wild party, but somehow, there’s always at least one person who likes their posts.

4. The Naive

However, not everybody is popular or with the potential of becoming popular. But, in every High School, there’s that somebody who hopes of becoming at least the one of the Prom Queen’s friends. It’s the one who is accepted in the popular circle just because she can write the homework for the popular girls, do their hair, or pick up their clothes from the dry cleaning. She wants to be everybody’s friend, but most of the time, there’s only a couple of people that are really her friends. This is the naive, and, on Facebook, it’s the person who has a huge list of friends, although most of those people don’t even know her. She accepts every friend request, and it only takes exchanging a couple of words while waiting in line at the supermarket for her to ask you for your Facebook ID and add you as soon as she gets home.

5. The Geek

Last, but not least, there are the geeks. The people that everybody makes fun of, but who will grow up to be the ones who find the cure for cancer or invent a time machine. They don’t talk much, don’t brag, don’t gossip. They just share what is really important to them. They rather show you what they like, than talk about it. And on Facebook, they are the ones that post something once a week, and even then, they think long and hard before posting. They don’t like to share personal details, and they have some pictures just so you know who they are, but they will never expose themselves in their underwear. They are the ones who share causes that they believe in, articles that they find interesting and pages that they like. They will almost always send you private messages instead of posting on your wall, and there are just a couple of people in their Friends list that they don’t know.

All things considered, no matter what type of user you are, together we are what makes Facebook one of the biggest social networks in the world. Because, at the end of the day, what would Facebook be without the gossip girl telling us about her day, the popular enlightening us with his or her thoughts, the geek with his articles, the jock with his games and the naive with his open heart?

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