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5 Movies To Watch On Valentine’s Day Instead Of Romantic Comedies


Ah, Valentine’s Day. The day when it seems that the only shape left on the market is a heart. Heart-shaped candy boxes, stuffed toys, cards, jewelry, pictures…hell, today even ashtrays are heart shaped. Whether you’re a hater, who can’t wait for this day to be over, or a lover, who’s got an entire romantic evening prepared, you’ll probably end the night watching a movie with or without your loved one.

And there are at least 5 recent movies that are  just so well done and have such a great plot that they make a way better choice for a Valentine’s Day movie, no matter if you’re a lover, a hater or just somebody who’s looking for a good movie to watch.

1. Inception

One of the best movies that I have ever seen is, without a doubt, Inception. Besides the acting, that is absolutely impeccable, Inception is the type of movie that will keep you at the edge of your seat, focusing on all the details and trying to absorb as much information as you can to understand what just happened. It’s no secret that the meaning and formation of dreams have been extremely researched subjects for a long time, now. But what if, you could literally force yourself inside somebody’s dream? One wrong step and you can be captive in their dream forever. But one right move and you’re the master of the dream, manipulating it just the way you want it.  And when there’s also a love story hiding behind this Sci-Fi scenario, it’s no doubt that Inception has all the right ingredients to please any critic.

2. The Adjustment Bureau

There are no coincidences. Everything happens for a reason. Whether you believe in this sayings or not, you must know at least one person who firmly believes them to be true. And The Adjustment Bureau brings a new perspective over these sayings. Imagine that from the moment you were born, there was a path that you had to follow. So, what happens when free will steps in and you take another path than you were supposed to? That’s when the men over at the Adjustment Bureau make their entrance and do everything in their power to get you back on the right track. But when loving a certain someone is not on the map, who will win: free will or the Adjustment Bureau?

3. Source Code

Imagine waking up in a train, next to a strange woman, not knowing how you ended up there. When you go to the bathroom to splash some water on your face, the man you see in the mirror is a stranger. You go back to your seat, you look at your passport and see a strange name typed inside. A couple of seconds later, a bomb goes off, the train explodes and you wake up in a dark room with only a tv screen on the wall. And the person on the screen tells you that, thanks to some type of modern technology, they can place you in another person’s body for the last 8 minutes of their life. The goal is to find the terrorist who blew up the train. But if the train had already been blown up and the guy whose identity you take for 8 minutes is already dead, where does that leave you? All the answers are hidden in the Source Code.

4. In Time

Time is money. For us, that’s just a figure of speech. But In Time, it’s really how things are. Rich people have thousand of years in their accounts, while the rest are only given 25 years at birth. In the meantime, they have to struggle to increase their number of years, or else they die at 25. The good part is that no matter how many years of life you gain over 25, you’ll always look the same as you did when you were 25. Forever young. But in a world where you pay for everything in time and you don’t always earn enough to survive, what can you do to get more time? Well, kidnapping a rich man’s daughter could do the trick. But that’s just the beginning of this story that brings another perspective over money, love and what it really means to be rich In Time.

5. 50/50

Adam has never smoked a cigarette in his life. He exercises, he eats fruits and vegetables, he goes to the doctor on a regular basis; long story short: he takes good care of himself. According to studies, he should live a long life. But instead, he finds out that he has a rare form of spinal cancer. And as if that wasn’t enough, his personal and professional life also start falling apart. Based on a true story, 50/50 is the type of movie, that you hope to have a happy end, but can’t be sure that this is really going to happen. You wish Adam to get well, find love, happiness and the material comfort that he needs. And there’s a 50/50 chance that he will.

Although the main focus of these movies isn’t love, they all have a love story at their core. They’re not romantic comedies, where you’re certain straight from the start that the two main characters are going to end up together. They’re smart movies, extremely creative and well done, sprinkled with just the right amount of love to make them the right choice for any day, whether it’s Labor Day, Valentine’s Day or just a day like any other.

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