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5 Subjects That Movie Producers Seem To Enjoy


There comes a point in your life when you realize that it’s harder and harder to find a movie that can show you something that you’ve never seen before. Watching a movie this weekend got me thinking: do we watch so many movies that at some point they all seem to look alike, or are they really alike?

Whatever the case is, there are certainly at least 5 subjects that movie producers seem to enjoy.

1. Trespassing

One of them is the trespassing subject. There are at least ten movies that can instantly come to anybody’s mind when they think about this subject. Whether the movie evolves around a wealthy family’s house, a bank or a school, there’s always a gang trespassing, who is looking to rob this place or intimidate the police to get what they want. And the evolution of the plot is always the same: the victims put up a fight, there’s a chance that a couple of the victims die, all of them get hurt, they all do things that make us wonder what the hell they were thinking, and, in the end, the bad guys always get caught. You only need to watch the beginning to know the end.

2. Kidnapping

If it’s not trespassing, then it’s about a kidnap. This subject also evolves around a wealthy family or an influential person. Most of the times, the son or teenage daughter gets kidnapped by a couple of bad guys who are looking to make an easy buck. And sometimes, the teenager himself frames his kidnapping to get a large sum of money from his wealthy parents. Either way, the phone starts ringing, the threats come pouring in, the parents turn into superheroes who do whatever it takes to save their children (except what the kidnappers tell them to do) and, in the end, the villains get caught and justice is done. I bet nobody saw that one coming…

3. Invasion

And if these subjects don’t get you at the edge of your seat, the invasion subject is guaranteed to give you the chills. Most of the times, the invaders are aliens who are kidnapping people to experiment on them, or infect everybody with a virus that will lead to the extinction of mankind. Other times, it’s zombies or other similar creatures who are looking to accomplish the same goal. Either way, there’s always at least one survivor who manages to save mankind, even if that means sacrificing himself for the greater good.

4. Education

Another popular subject concerns education. These type of movies always begin with a great teacher who, somehow, ends up in a class where his students couldn’t care less about school. They are always teenagers who have to face drug abuse and violence, because they live in bad neighborhoods, so school is the least of their concerns. But somehow, this gifted teacher is not willing to give up on them. And, by the end of the movie, they all learn the importance of school, and how to treat one another better.

5. Sports

Last but not least, there is the sports subject. When it comes to sports, most of the time, the main character is a poor guy who ends up being the star of a famous team. Or a guy who used to coach and starts his own team by taking poor people off the street, or people who are discriminated against and, therefore, are forced to get lousy jobs, although they have the potential to do great things. In the end, the team wins a championship, and the guys become famous, but manage to never forget where they came from.

All in all, at the end of the day, these movies still win prizes and we still keep on watching them, although we’ve seen similar movies tons of times before. So, who is there to blame? The producers for using the same subjects or us for watching the same type of movies over and over again?

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