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5 Things That Can Make A Movie Hit The Box Office


Winter holidays are all about presents, spending time with friends and family, snow fights, seeing new places, and sitting all day in bed, watching all the movies that you didn’t have time to watch. And after watching countless movies these past three weeks, I realized that movies don’t actually have to be really well done and well thought to make you wanna watch them. Sometimes, all it takes is just one special thing.

And here are, what I consider to be, at least 5 things that can make a movie, even if it’s pretty lousy,  hit the box office:

1. Holiday Theme

Since it is the holiday season, with Christmas in the back and Valentine’s Day less than one month away, probably one of the most influential things that make a movie hit the box office are holidays. Whether the movie evolves around Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day and any other similar holiday, or it is just released during the holiday season, there’s a good chance that a lot of people are gonna watch it. Holidays don’t just sell candy, heart shaped pillows and stuffed animals. Above all, they sell movies.

2. Profound Meaning

But since every day is not a holiday, there are also other things that can make a movie hit the box office. One of them, that’s actually starting to get a lot of popularity nowadays, is attaching a profound meaning to the movie. And when producers decide to go along with this approach, there is pretty much anything that they can do with this movie. Even if part of the movie is silent or it involves staring at pictures for 20 minutes, you’re gonna watch it. Because you want to find a meaning to all this nonsense. And the more meaningless and vague it is, the more people will put a meaning to it and advertise it as a great movie. Because, at the end of the day, nobody wants to be the one who didn’t get the meaning of this masterpiece.

3. Advertising

And speaking about advertising, this is another key element, if not the most important element in getting a lot of people to watch a certain movie. Just two words say it all: Paranormal Activity. Probably the most suggestive example when it comes to showing the importance of advertising. This comes to prove that rather than investing in making the movie, it’s better to invest in advertising it. And that’s how a movie that looks as it has been shot with a mobile phone camera, gets to make over $ 19 million in the opening weekend. How’s that for advertising?

4. Sequel

But, of course, there are movies that don’t even need advertising to be watched. These are sequels. And it’s no secret that most of the time, sequels fail to fulfill our expectations. But did that ever prevent us from watching them? No matter how lousy the second, third or even forth part of a movie proves to be, we still go to watch the fifth when it’s released. Because we loved the first so much that we don’t want to let go. Because we hope that after all these failures, this part is finally going to be great. Because everybody else is going to watch it.

5. Top Actors

Last, but not least, what makes a movie hit the box office, is the actor starring in it. When it comes to actors, it doesn’t matter if the movie got any advertising, if it’s a sequel, if it’s profound, or just a Christmas special. All that matters is if at least one of the top actors is starring in it. After watching so many good movies starring Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp & Co., can you resist going to another one of their movies? And when you get a whole bunch of top actors in one movie, it can be silent, shot with a phone camera, or even in black and white. We’re still gonna watch it!

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