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It’s All About The Buzz: 5 Movies To Prove It


Whoever says that people no longer go to watch movies in cinemas doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Cinemas are almost always full. And movies hit the box office with larger and larger numbers as time goes by. But what makes us go and see a certain movie and not another one? Why are people so desperate to see The Avengers, while you can always find a seat at The Intouchables?

To quote a classic, “the answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind”. And it’s all about the buzz. The more buzz a movie gets, the more people go to see it. Don’t believe me? Well, just check out these 5 examples and convince yourself.

 1. Paranormal Activity

Paranormal Activity is, by far, the best example of a movie that owes all its earnings to the buzz. It’s the living proof that when you know how to make a buzz, you only need your personal camera to film a movie and make it a hit. And that’s just what the producers did in this case. They invested way more in advertising than in the actual production of the movie, and guess what! It paid off. Paranormal Activity quadrupled its production budget in the opening weekend. Now, how’s that for buzz?

2. Avatar

No matter what some critics might say, Avatar was a really good movie. It had more 3D effects than a lot of the movies that were played in 3D afterwards. It was both fantastic, and realistic. It had action and romance. It had great graphics and an original plot. As they say, it had all the ingredients to be a hit. The buzz, included. Still, although it had all these ingredients, can anyone say that Avatar is the best movie ever made? Judging by rankings and rating, I would say that probably not. But there’s one chart, where Avatar is the definite winner. That’s the all time box office chart, where Avatar is number 1, having the biggest earnings in history. And it owes it all to the buzz.

3.The Artist

The Artist didn’t hit the box office. But the buzz still worked out for this movie as well. How? You might ask. Well, in The Artist’s case, it’s all about the Oscars buzz. When it was released, The Artist barely made a quarter of its production budget. However, in the meantime, it almost tripled its production budget. Also, in the meantime, it was nominated and won a couple of Oscars, which made kind of a buzz around the movie. Only a happy coincidence, or is The Artist yet another movie that owes all its glory to the buzz? There’s no need for statistics to crack this mystery. Just answer this: how many of you saw The Artist before the nominations, and how many after the buzz was already created?

4. John Carter

John Carter was all about the buzz. And, unfortunately for the producers, the buzz was the only thing that got people to see it. It hit the box office when it was released, only to last for a couple of weeks and not even make it to its production budget. Although there was nothing wrong about the movie, people were waiting for something else. Something more, something they have never seen before, more sparks, more action, more drama. Guess the producers waited a bit too long before creating and releasing the movie. The result: a classic that inspired so many movies looked like a cheap copy of all the movies that were released before. However, it still hit the box office when it was released. And that’s all thanks to the buzz.

5. Twilight

Probably one of the poorest vampire movies hit the box office bigger than any other vampire movie. It’s all about the buzz, as you probably figured out by now. I don’t know if the producers specially targeted teenagers when making this movie, but they and their buzz are what brought this movie all its glory. The plot is simple, the acting is poor, the werewolves and vampires are rather pets than mythical creatures, and yet, all the teenagers are madly in love with this movie, its characters, everything. Twilight started its journey with a buzz, and, as the buzz gets bigger and louder, so does the Saga get higher in the Box Office. And, in Twilight’s case, the buzz didn’t only get the movie in top, but also the books, dramatically increasing the number of sold volumes.

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