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Jul 16, 2012 - Monday App    1 Comment

Take That Crazy Monster Truck And Escape The Police

Of all games, my least favorite are the ones where you have to use the gyroscope to control the game. My moves are always too sudden or, quite the contrary, too slow, so I end up dead in the first couple of minutes of the game. That’s why I don’t usually play car racing games, because most of them  use this type of control. So, you can imagine I was a bit skeptical about downloading Crazy Monster Truck – Escape, […]

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Jul 9, 2012 - Monday App    No Comments

Start Surfin’ With Drain Pipe Surf Dudes

Surfing is a sport, a hobby, and can sometimes turn into an obsession, since you constantly wait for that perfect wave. But what if there were a place where you wouldn’t have to worry about the waves, because you’d always have the proper conditions for surfing? Join the cute little frog called Ampi, and learn how to surf through pipes. You don’t need to be a professional surfer. All you need is the attention and coordination to guide Ampi, while […]

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Jul 2, 2012 - Monday App    No Comments

Find The Best Strategy To Bomb The Zombies

Bomb The Zombies is a hot game that has just been released in the AppStore a couple of days ago. And that’s not the only reason why it’s hot. From the Angry Birds like graphics to the engaging gameplay, Bomb The Zombies is one heck of a strategy game. The first thing you’ll probably notice when starting to play Bomb The Zombies are probably the graphics. First of all, because they are really great. And secondly, because they bare that […]

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Jun 25, 2012 - Monday App    No Comments

Load Your Guns And Start Playing Cat-Man

Cat-man has been released a couple of days now, and is already gaining some popularity. And although the name might lead you into thinking about cats, the characters are actually some angry birds. But they’re not those already famous angry birds you played with for months, while trying to destroy pigs. This time, these birds are fighting against each other. And they have guns. Big guns. The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy birds before they kill […]

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Jun 18, 2012 - Monday App    No Comments

Heroes Call – Do You Have What It Takes To Be a Hero?

For those of you who have played Heroes Call before on your iPhone or iPad, you should know it has just been updated a couple of days ago, and the reviews are pretty good. For the rest of you, you should really try it, because it’s one of those things that are just too good to be true. I must admit I was a bit skeptical at first, when downloading Heroes Call. Mostly because it’s free. Now, don’t get me […]

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Jun 11, 2012 - Monday App    No Comments

Bridge Constructor Puts Your Mind To The Test

Article first published as Bridge Constructor Puts Your Mind To The Test on Technorati. With more than 80 votes, Bridge Constructor has been the Top Game in the AppStore for almost a week. But is it really that great or just buzz worthy? Bridge Constructor is the type of game that puts your mind to the test. You don’t need to be an architect or an actual constructor to be able to build these bridges, but you do need a keen eye to […]

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Jun 4, 2012 - Monday App    No Comments

Ready, Set, Mega Run

Having been released for less than a week, Mega Run is already in the Top 10 Free Apps in the AppStore. So, naturally, I decided to give it a try. And I had a blast playing it! Mega Run is an arcade game that got me thinking of the classic Super Mario. Only that here the main character of the game is a cute, red, dinosaur looking little creature. His name is Redford and he is on a quest to […]

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