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Jul 9, 2013 - Tuesday Tip    No Comments

An Apple Today, And You Don’t Have To Throw Your Tabacco Away

I can’t really say I’m a smoker. Because I don’t know how big of a smoker you can be, when you can go on for days, weeks, and even months without smoking a cigarette. I guess it’s more fair to say I’m an occasional smoker. So, when I got myself a pack of fresh tobacco, I was really excited thinking it’s gonna last a lifetime with my smoking habits. One month later, the pack was almost full, but it was […]

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Mar 12, 2013 - Tuesday Tip    No Comments

Let’s Shake Things Up a Bit

I have been wishing for a shaker for some time now. Not that I’m making cocktails on a weekly basis, but it’s just something I always imagined having in my home. So, I finally got over the pretty high price and bought one. And let me just tell you this: it’s not what I’ve expected it to be. Besides being really small, when you pour, it drips all over the place. And with all this disappointment, I’ve also realised that […]

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Jan 22, 2013 - Tuesday Tip    No Comments

Who Wants Pie?

Recently, I’ve moved to a new place. And, although I thought I took every tiny tiny thing from my previous home, not a day passes without discovering yet another thing I forgot. From small items, like scented candles or a beer opener, to more important stuff, like my hair dryer or the muffin pan, it sometimes seems like I was sleepwalking throughout this whole moving process. So, I had to get creative. Especially since I never discovered these items were […]

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Oct 9, 2012 - Tuesday Tip    No Comments

Just Add Water

Don’t you just hate it when you can’t use your products ’till the last drop? Especially when you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to go to the supermarket and buy a new one. But do you know what can solve the problem the fastest and also the cheapest? Well, water. Nothing more, nothing less. I know it sounds cheap, but what can you do: desperate times call for desperate measures. And when it’s 8 in the morning […]

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Sep 18, 2012 - Tuesday Tip    1 Comment

3 Money Saving Beauty Tips

Girls spend small fortunes every year trying to look their best. From make-up to clothes, shoes and bags, the average girl has a soft spot for at least one of these products, if not for all of them. And the worst part about these beauty products is that they’re neither cheap, nor time resistant. So, you end up buying a new mascara every couple of months, nail polishers, blushes, lipsticks, lip balms, and so on. But what if you could […]

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Jul 24, 2012 - Tuesday Tip    No Comments

What Books Can Hide

We all have things in our rooms that don’t quite fit there. Whether it’s a wi-fi router, a box of pills, a pack of wet wipes or a ton of wires, there are all sorts of things that ruin the design of our rooms. To prevent this, I tried hiding all these things behind pieces of furniture, or wrapping the wires in colored paper to make them at least more fun, if I couldn’t make them invisible. I put the […]

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Jul 17, 2012 - Tuesday Tip    No Comments

Ice, Anyone?

It sometimes looks as if we only need one thing to make summer more bearable. And this is ice. We drink ice cold drinks, put ice cubes in our coffees, eat ice-creams all day long and dream about those icy days of winter. Hell, if they tasted any good, we would probably eat frozen potatoes and pizzas straight from the bag. Anything, as long as it cools the air a bit. But what do you do when you open your […]

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