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Brace Yourselves. Winter Is Coming

Winter is coming doesn’t mean what it used to for a lot of us. Not since Game Of Thrones was released. And all the madness began. Why? Because Game Of Thrones is probably…no, no, it’s definitely one of the best TV shows ever. And the books that inspired it. Oh My God! All I have to say if you haven’t read them by now is: brace yourselves. A lot of sleepless nights are ahead of you.

Now, I’ve said all I wanted to say about these amazing books in my very first article here. But the TV show deserves an article of its own. Because it’s already a huge hit. Because it’s one of the best screenings ever made after a book (or, in this case, an entire saga). Because the actors are amazing. The backgrounds are breathtaking. And everything about this show is just flawless.

Now, I know how all this looks like. I, for one, am the type of person who doesn’t like to watch, eat, drink or go to the same places that everybody else likes and praises. I like to stand out from the crowd. But with Game Of Thrones, there’s really no need for petty ego reactions. Watching this show doesn’t mean following the herd. It’s appreciating a thing of high quality. And you only need to see one episode to figure this out on your own.

With A Song Of Ice And Fire (the saga that inspired Game Of Thrones, the Tv Show), I’ve found at least 5 reasons why you should give those books a chance: the writing style, the kingdoms, the characters, the plot, and the fantasy & reality mix. And the same arguments apply for the TV show, as well. With obvious differences, like writing style turning into filming style, and so on. But basically, the same applies. And more.

For instance, now you can actually see all you could only imagine while reading the books. Plus, Game Of Thrones has that particular advantage that all movies inspired by books have: it’s way easier to see it than to read it. And judging by the fact that every one of the books in the saga are at least 500 pages long, watching the show is a great alternative to reading the books. Although, trust me: when you have to wait a year for the next season to be released, you find the time to read the books. Because you just need to know what’s going to happen next.

But enough talking. If you want to be ready for the 3rd season coming up this month on the 31st and don’t have the time to read the books or watch the first two seasons, there’s an easy alternative. Just visit (link gone) and learn the basics, while enjoying an actual journey throughout these two seasons. And the third, as the story unfolds.

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