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Jason Reitman: In God We Trust

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There are some actors, directors, script writers or producers who turn everything they touch into gold. After seeing a couple of their movies, you just know you’re going to also love their next one. And the next one, and the next one, and the next one. So, when you hear there’s a new movie release and it’s being directed, produced, written or played by one of these people, you don’t need any more confirmation to watch that movie.

To me, one of these directors is Jason Reitman. And although he hasn’t directed more than 13 productions so far, of which almost half are short movies, he’s a real PRO. Thank You For Smoking, Juno, Up In The Air and the recent Young Adult are all directed by him, and they are all smart, funny, but also extremely realistic. And his short movies are just as great.

In God We Trust is Reitman’s third short movie, and although it was directed 5 years before his first feature movie, his directing style was already well defined. With the already characteristic sense of humor, Reitman focuses his movie on the attempts of a guy to make amends and avoid going to hell.

Suffering an accident, the main character ends up in purgatory, that looks more like a bank office with employees and all, rather than a terrifying passage way between heaven and hell. Here, he finds out there’s a good chance he’ll have to go to the dark side, because of some “minor offences” he did during his life, like saying the F word or refusing to dance. But, when the office managers “in charge” of purgatory aren’t paying attention, our character manages to escape and get back to Earth, where he struggles to right all the wrongs and turn the scale in his favor, before the Purgatory employees get their hands back on him.

From the unexpected things the character has to do to make sure he gets a spot in heaven, to the twists and turns the plot takes, In God We Trust is a Reitman classic that you should definitely watch:

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