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Nike FuelBand: Make It Count


There are some movies that are so inspiring, you just say to yourself: tomorrow I’ll make it count. Tomorrow, I’ll do something crazy. Tomorrow I’ll just live my life. I’ll seize the moment. I won’t be angry about day to day nonsense and just be glad all day because it’s sunny outside. Or the grass is growing. Or the trees are blossoming.

The feeling doesn’t usually last longer than a day, and you go back to the rut you were in the first place. And you can’t see inspirational movies day after day. It would take too long and, in the end, it won’t probably have the same effect anymore. But there’s a campaign that will give you the same feeling. And it takes you less than 5 minutes to watch it.

This is one of the latest Nike campaigns for their FuelBand, called Make It Count. The story is that the guy who was supposed to make a movie for the campaign spent the entire sum to travel with his friend around the world…or at least, how much of the world you can travel around in 10 days. Since that’s how long the budget lasted. Now, I don’t know if the story is indeed real, or Nike though of this idea straight from the start and there was nothing spontaneous about it. But, either way, Make It Count is one of the few campaigns that made me want to buy the product it was advertising.

Because besides a product, Make It Count also promotes this Carpe Diem motto that just makes you wanna leave everything you are doing, forget about making plans on how to live your life, and actually live it instead. Make It Count is one of the videos you should wake up with every day. Whenever you fell discouraged. Whenever you feel that your life is not headed in the direction you wished it would. Whenever it’s raining outside and you have to get out of the house. Just watch this video and actually make it count. Smile. Embrace the new direction your life is headed towards. Get out in the rain and enjoy the feeling. Take your backpack and just explore the world. Stop postponing what you really want to do, and just do it. Live. Today. Now. Make It Count.

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