Take A Stroll Through Carol Park

When you live in a certain town, you always find yourself wondering what to do. Because at some point, it almost looks like you did everything there was to, and now there’s nothing more left for you to do. I get the same feeling about Bucharest. But this weekend, we decided to start a journey in re-discovering this city and what it has to offer. Besides a bohemian center, filled with pubs, bars, restaurants and clubs.

So, for those of you looking for a peaceful afternoon in the city of Bucharest, Carol Park is a wonderful choice. It’s pretty close to Unirii Square. But to avoid getting lost through all those narrow streets leading to the park, it’s probably better to take a tram there. Number 32 tram would probably be the best choice, since you can take it straight from Unirii Square.

Carol Park is a miniature compared to the grand Herastrau Park, but sometimes less is more. It’s a quiet open space, where you really can’t get lost, since there’s only one way you can take, when you get inside the park. And after you reach the impressive Tomb of the Unknown Hero, no matter which alley you choose to take, you’ll get to the same point where you started your journey in just a couple of minutes.

The main attraction of the park is definitely the Tomb of the Unknown Hero. Although you shouldn’t expect to see an actual tomb, but rather a small outdoor museum, with an impressive mausoleum in its center, surrounded by cannons and a circular building serving as a crypt, where some of the remains of the soldiers fighting in World War I are supposed to be kept. However, you can’t go inside, but you can take as many pictures as you like on the outside.










Besides the Mausoleum, there are still other architectural pieces worthy of a photograph, like the Giants’ statues, a creepy looking cave, the Cantacuzino and Mine fountains, or the Zodiac fountain at the entrance of the park. Also, if you’re looking to visit a museum as well, you’ll come across the Technical Museum as soon as you enter the park. And if you’re lucky and there’s a concert at the Roman Arenas inside the park, you’ll also get to listen to some music as you take a stroll through the park. Or, you can always stop at one of the pretty outdoor pubs inside the park for a drink, a dessert, or a nice, quiet meal, away from the busy center.





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