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The 2012 Olympic Games In Commercials

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With a couple of days left until the start of The Olympic Games of this year, the excitement is filling the air. And how could it be any different, judging by the importance of this event? The Olympic Games are a huge boost not only for the economy of the winning countries, but mainly for the country organizing the event. It’s one of those few events that keep the entire world looking at, and talking about the same subject.

For 2 weeks, The Olympic Games will reign over all other Media subjects. As they have been reigning over commercials and ads over the past months.

Ever since the beginning of the year, the biggest brands had one common purpose in mind: creating the best campaign for The 2012 Olympic Games. Coca Cola gave us the push to find future flames. British Airways amused us with their luggage race. Powerade talked to us about failure and the power to get up and give it another try. Foxtel created probably one of the best ads that is more focused on The Olympics than the brand. As for P&G…no matter which country goes home with the most gold medals, P&G is clearly the winner when it comes to this year’s campaigns for The Olympic Games.

But enough talking. Let’s see 5 of the most creative, inspired, emotional and smart campaigns, inspired by The 2012 Olympic Games.

5. Coca Cola – Future Flames

4. British Airways – The Race

3. Powerade – Power Through


2. Foxtel – London Olympics 2012

1. P&G – Thank You, Mom


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