Jun 22, 2012 - Friday Movie    No Comments

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter


Along with the magical Disney & Pixar production called Brave, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has a good chance of becoming a hit this weekend. And with a name like that, how could it not be? Normally, a movie with this title would rather make me laugh than convince me to go see it. But when the producer in the background is none other than Tim Burton, I think it’s clear what type of movie we’re talking about here.

Vampires make an extremely popular subject nowadays. Ever since Twilight rocked the teen world, it seems like everybody is producing vampire movies and writing vampire books. Truth be told, vampires were always an interesting subject, raising all sorts of existential questions. So, it’s somewhat surprising for a mediocre movie like Twilight to bring this subject once more to the public interest, while Underworld presents a way more probable and exciting scenario. But I think Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter has a good chance of impressing both with an action packed scenario as exciting and even more creative than Underworld’s, and with the numbers.

Either way, one thing’s for sure. Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter is definitely intriguing. Whether you laugh at the sound of it, or are rather confused than amused, it’s definitely something to talk about. Something to make you as curious as to go and see what’s the deal with this movie. I don’t know if you’ll get out of the cinema actually wondering if Abraham Lincoln was indeed a vampire hunter. But Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter will surely take the vampire subject to a whole new level.

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