Jul 13, 2012 - Friday Movie    No Comments

Ice Age: Continental Drift – It’s The End Of The World As We Know It


This weekend, it looks like our friends Manny, Diego and Sid are back with a whole new adventurous story to tell us about. And by the looks of it, waiting for this 4th part of the series was definitely worth it.The characters haven’t lost their charm one bit, and the plot is something like Ice Age meets Pirates of The Caribbean.

As the story goes, 2 million years ago, something inexplicable at that time happened that was about to dramatically change the world as our characters knew it. And just when Scrat finally managed to get a grip of his nut, the continents split apart, leaving Scrat acting like the nut we all love, while Manny, Diego and Sid find themselves drifting apart on an iceberg from everything they used to know. And so the adventure begins.

From this point on, their quest to get back to their families will not only get them in a lot of trouble, but it’s also the perfect situation for old and new characters to emerge. And this can only make the movie more fun, more adventure packed, and a bit romantic, as well. I would go as far as to say that Ice Age: Continental Drift will definitely make you shed a couple of tears. Mainly because you’ll be laughing so hard at all the jokes. But also because when these type of animations reach that emotional point of the action, you don’t find it to be a cliche, as it so happens with other movies. Instead, you can’t help yourself from looking at the screen with watery eyes and a deep “awwww” in mind.


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