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Meet Ted


This weekend’s hit will probably be Magic Mike, the story of a young performer making his first steps into the “entertainment” business. But I think, you’ll get even more entertained if you’ll go watch Ted. Especially if you’re a Family Guy fan.

Before coming across Ted, I had my mind set on watching¬†Magic Mike this weekend. It’s got the buzz, the popular actors, enough scenes to make the girls blush while day dreaming about Channing Tatum, and the humor to make the guys laugh. But when I saw who were the director and writers of Ted, my choice was clear.

Now, the plot looks pretty fantastic and childish at first, then a bit weird as it goes on. But bare in mind it’s a Seth MacFarlane production, written by none other than Seth MacFarlane and Alec Sulkin, also known as the creators of one of the funniest animated TV shows ever, Family Guy. So, once you got used to Brian, the talking dog, who sits at the table while eating, writes novels, dates women and drives a car, but still still waggles his tale and smells other dogs’ butts, you won’t find Ted to be such a weird character.

Long story short, Ted is a teddy bear that comes to life, after 8 year old John Bennett wishes for this to happen. But what starts as a perfectly normal relationship between a child and his teddy bear turns into a weird friendship as John grows up. Weird for the friends and women who get to date this grown up man whose best friend is a living teddy bear. But extremely funny for all of us watching the movie. Especially since Ted is no regular teddy bear. Quite the contrary. He’s one party animal, who will never really get to grow up. And he doesn’t want his best friend to grow up either.

Plus, have I told you it’s Seth MacFarlane’s first motion picture? Ah, and Mila Kunis, along with Mark Wahlberg are the main actors starring in this movie. Looks pretty promising to me.


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