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Resident Evil: Retribution or Dredd 3D?

I think this weekend the battle for the number 1 position in the Box Office will involve last week’s fresh release of Resident Evil: Retribution, and this week’s release, Dredd 3D. Both are action packed. Both talk about a future gone wrong. And while Resident Evil has a history of great sequels on its side, Dredd 3D has the benefit of being all shiny and new. Guess, we’ve got ourselves a battle to watch this weekend.

Resident Evil strikes back with a fifth part that is pretty much the same with the others. Milla Jovovich’s character continues to fight against the undead and the Umbrella Corporation. Only that now the setting and a few allies are changed. Plus, like any respectable movie, there’s also a twist. This movie reunites quite a few of the characters in the former parts of Resident Evil. So, that’s a big plus. And, of course, given the special effects, the 3D and Milla’s performance as the bad-ass fighter we’re already used to by now, there’s no way to miss this movie. Especially if you’re a fan of the series.

As for Dredd 3D, the scenario also takes place in an anarchic, violent world. Only that in this case, alive criminals rule the streets, instead of zombies. Cops are the only force of order, and Dredd finds himself forced to play the hero, when the epidemic outbreaks.However, unlike Resident Evil, the drug containing the virus alters the users’ perception of reality instead of turning him into a vile zombie. And instead of the Umbrella Corporation, Dredd has to fight against a powerful gang of dealers, controlled by the ultimate female villain played by none other than Lena Headey.

If you come to think about it, Resident Evil and Dredd 3D bare quite a lot of similarities. But let’s be serious, so do the other movies of the genre. There are at least a couple dozen movies that talk about an apocalyptic future determined by something that just went terribly wrong, and now there’s at least one person who will try to fix it. But, in the end it’s not mainly the plot that makes us watch all these action packed movies. It’s the thrill. And no other movie gives you more of a thrill than an action one does.

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