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The Amazing Spider-Man


Along with Batman Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man is probably one of the most anticipated movies of this year. So anticipated that it will definitely be this weekend’s Number 1 at the Box Office. And although it doesn’t need any presentation, since I bet you’ve seen the trailer and read the news over and over again, here’s a quick note on the movie.

At first, I must admit I felt a little lost when I saw the teaser months ago. Not seeing Tobey as Spider-Man actually got me thinking for a second that The Amazing Spider-Man might not be the same with the Spider-Man we all got so familiar with watching the first 3 parts. But, after a quick read, all was illuminated. The Amazing Spider-Man is a sort of X-Men First Class, in the sense they are both focused on the beginning of the story. And now it’s time to meet Peter Parker when he was only a teenager.

Some might argue that these types of movies are no more than a lame excuse to make yet another sequel. Since, in the end, it brings nothing new to move the story one step ahead. But I think it rather makes you understand some things better. And, having all these new, fresh actors starring only makes The Amazing Spider-Man more interesting. Whether you were a Tobey fan or not, you must be curios how Andrew Garfield will play the character. As for Emma Stone, I’d rather see her in any movie than Kirsten Dunst. But I guess that’s just a matter of taste.

Anyway, I guess there’s no need to waste more time discussing the plot, or how this movie is going to be extremely action packed, and funny too, as far as I’ve seen from the trailer. Since you probably know all these things by now. So, what more can I say? Enjoy the movie! And I can only hope The Amazing Spider-Man will be one of those sequels worth remembering, and not just another buzz worthy movie with nothing to show.

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