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The Dark Knight Rises One Last Time

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It’s the third weekend in a row when an extremely anticipated sequel hits the big screen. After Spider-Man became even more amazing, and the continents drifted apart in Ice Age4, it’s finally time for the Dark Knight to rise. Gotham City is once again in trouble, and we all know what this means: a more vicious villain, a more powerful dark knight, and way more action and special effects, of course.

It was just this weekend that I happened to come across an older version of Batman, with Michael Keaton in the leading role, along with Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, and Danny DeVito as the Penguin. And I finally understood the purpose of remakes. Being released exactly 20 years ago, Batman Returns looks more like a scary tale, than an action movie. It’s an extremely well done movie, a classic I might say, but except for the characters, it’s got nothing to do with the Batman we’ve seen the past couple of years.

While The Dark Knight is more focused on action and special effects, Batman is more about characters and high quality acting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not here to discredit any of these versions. I think they are both representative for their time. But it’s just amazing to see not only how much technology has developed, but also what a huge impact it has on the evolution of a movie.

Now, getting back to this weekend’s premiere, I think The Dark Knight Rises doesn’t need any advertising or good reviews to fill up all the seats at any cinema. With these types of superhero sequels, although the plot is the same and you pretty much know what to expect from it, we are all still extremely anxious to watch them as soon as they are released.

And even though good almost always defeats evil in movies, we can’t help ourselves from getting tense every time our favorite superheroes look like they are not going to make it this time. And I think this will be just the case with The Dark Knight Rises, as well. Especially since, as rumor has it, this is Christian Bale’s last performance as Batman.

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