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Angry Birds Strikes Again


Just when I thought that the reign of Angry Birds was coming to an end, the creators proved they have yet another trick up their sleeve. Its name is Angry Birds Rio. And although it’s a pretty old game, it’s this week’s Number 1 app. How could that happen? Well, it’s quite simple. This power-up filled game, with over 180 levels, and a new story with a more captivating plot, is now completely free of charge. So grab your iPhones, iPads, or whatever iDevices you have, and let the Angry Birds mania begin once more.

Angry Birds Rio has pretty much the same characteristics as the classic Angry Birds game. Only that now, your main goal is to free the birds that have been captured and shipped to Rio. So instead of aiming at pigs, you’ll aim at cages that need to be unlocked to free the birds. And the only ones who can unlock these cages are your angry birds, of course.

As far as the game play is concerned, I found Angry Birds Rio a bit easier than the classic Angry Birds game. Maybe it just looks this way because I’ve practiced my angry-bird-throwing skills so much while playing the original game. Or maybe it’s because of all the cool power-ups you can use to supersize your birds, the laser targeting, the dancing destruction or the TNT you can use to make everything go BOOM. Though, one thing’s for sure: when it comes to Angry Birds Rio, I don’t know what it is, but it almost made playing this game even more fun than the original Angry Birds. And if you also purchase the Mighty Eagle power-up, you’re pretty much the boss, even if you can only use it once per hour to pass a level.

Other than that, the controls are the same. The graphics are already an Angry Birds trademark. The tune, as well. And the backgrounds created are more than an eye-candy. Every object is there for a reason. And you have to learn to use them to your advantage. The same as it was with the original game.

That being said, I gotta go, now. Angry Birds Rio calling 🙂


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