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How Many Frisbees Can Your Doggy Collect?

If you’re looking for a fun game to play both during a short break or even for hours, then Frisbee Doggie is just the game for you. And if you also love dogs, then what can I say: it’s a match made in Heaven 🙂 And the best part is yet to come: playing Frisbee Doggie doesn’t cost you a dime. So, grab your iPhone and check it out for yourself.

Frisbee Doggie is an awesome arcade game, with really great graphics, where you control your dog to help him collect frisbees and bones along the way. The more frisbees and bones you collect, the more you can buy from the store. Pay in bones for cool power-ups that make your dog run faster, jump higher and even double his stash of bones. Plus, you can even buy a faster or just cuter dog using the frisbees you collect on the way.

The game play is simple: since you can’t stop your dog from running or make him turn back, all you can do is help him jump to collect all these items, while avoiding all sorts of dangers. From vile cats, boards that crush under his feet to holes in the ground and spikes, there are all sorts of obstacles your doggy will have to avoid. But there are also nice birds who will pick him up if he jumps at them. This way, your doggy can reach even the highest located items. However, bare in mind that birds aren’t that strong to carry the dog for too long. So, it’s better to get him to jump back on the ground after a couple of seconds. Or else, he might get dropped on top of some angry kittens. Or worse.

Bottom line, I really liked Frisbee Doggie. It doesn’t bring up a new concept or a game play like I’ve never seen before. Quite the contrary. I’ve played tons of games like this until now. But it’s just that type of game you can never really get bored of playing. And since it’s also free, how can you help yourself from checking it out?

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