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Load Your Guns And Start Playing Cat-Man


Cat-man has been released a couple of days now, and is already gaining some popularity. And although the name might lead you into thinking about cats, the characters are actually some angry birds. But they’re not those already famous angry birds you played with for months, while trying to destroy pigs. This time, these birds are fighting against each other. And they have guns. Big guns.

The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy birds before they kill your bird. To do this, you can unlock all sorts of weapons as you clear levels. And you might also need to put your strategic thinking at work. The rules are simple: you have 15 seconds to get in position, aim and shoot at the enemies. Then, they have 15 seconds to shoot at you. Then it’s your turn all over again, and so on. Each one of you can only shoot once per turn, but there’s a catch. Some weapons shoot more bullets, bombs, or create greater damage even if they are shot only once. Plus, as you clear levels, your enemies grow in number, and each one of them can shoot at you once per turn.

One of your best strategies is to use the structures on the ground in your advantage. Whether you use them as a shield, or shoot at them to make the enemies tip over, these structures can come in handy at times. But they can also come in your way if you get trapped between them, or they fall in such a way that prevents you from aiming at your enemies. So, when the structures no longer help, you can always try to avoid the attack by jumping around, or moving from one end of the screen to another.

Cat-man is all about a bit of luck, some strategy, and a lot of fun. It’s challenging, even annoying at times, but it definitely keeps you hooked. Too bad it’s not free. But either than that, it’s got all the ingredients to become a hit.

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