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Share Your Pictures With Colugo

I don’t really like to take a picture and immediately share it with everybody on Facebook, Twitter or other social network. I like to keep my private photos private, share family pictures with my family, friends pictures with my friends, and so on. But, since I almost never find the time to share 5 pictures with my friends or 10 pictures with my family, all these pictures end up in a folder, on my computer, that is always waiting to be shared. So, I guess it’s no wonder I still have high-school pictures I haven’t yet got to share with my former mates. And that’s when Colugo steps in.

Sharing your photos with just a couple of designated persons should be as easy as sharing them with everybody else. And, with Colugo, it is. Take a picture. Create a folder. And pick the Colugo members, Facebook friends  or Email recipients you want to share your picture with. That’s it. Just as simple as counting 1, 2, 3. Three easy steps and you’re done. And it’s just as easy with your Photo Library pictures. Select the ones you want to share with one tap each, and then just share them with whoever you want.

Oh, and the best part is yet to come. Because, besides being able to share your pictures with whoever you want, your friends and family also get to add their pictures to the folder you share with them. So, instead of having to move pictures all over the place, when trying to collect them all from a bunch of people, allow your picture folder to be modified by whoever you want, and that’s it. Now, you and your best friend, your boyfriend, your mom or dad share a folder where you both put your most precious visual memories.

Plus, Colugo is pretty social too, allowing you to Like and Comment on all sorts of pictures, as long as they are meant to be seen by everyone, or if they are shared with you. And the same stands for the pictures you share.

Guess I’d better start sharing those old high-school pictures today. After all, it would be a shame to leave such an easy to use and beautifully designed app like Colugo to go to waste.

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