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Shoot Them All With Major Mayhem


Nothing says action better than a good old fashioned shooter gamer. These are the games that get you playing until your devices’s battery life reaches its minimum. These are the games that make your forget what day it is, what season and if you ate or not. And Major Mayhem is just one of these games.

As with any other shooter, Major Mayhem‘s goal is to shoot all the enemies and reach his destination, while saving hostages and avoiding getting hurt. But Major Mayhem is more about strategic shooting than firing your guns in all directions, trying to catch as many enemies as possible by showering them with bullets. In this game, you move from one cover point to another, and wait for the perfect time to shoot. As long as you take cover, the enemies can’t hurt you, but when you shoot, you’re a clear target. So take your time, wait for them to shoot, and when they reload, that’s the perfect time to make your move.

Of course, as you clear missions, there will be more enemies shooting at you. They’ll have bigger guns, and naturally, they won’t all shoot and reload at the same time. Plus, you’ll sometimes have to run and shoot, until you get to your next cover. But, with a little concentration, you’ll have them killed in no time. And there are also a lot of boosts and power-ups waiting for you along the way. Saving hostages will get you better guns and shields. And the better you do your job, the more coins you collect that you can use to buy supplies, weapons, clothes, and even unlock more levels.

There are 45 levels to unlock, 4 modes, 3 creatively designed environments, 100 achievements, 150 mini mission objectives, 20 types of weapons and 45 types of costumes. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your device and turn Major Mayhem into a war hero.

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