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Start Surfin’ With Drain Pipe Surf Dudes


Surfing is a sport, a hobby, and can sometimes turn into an obsession, since you constantly wait for that perfect wave. But what if there were a place where you wouldn’t have to worry about the waves, because you’d always have the proper conditions for surfing? Join the cute little frog called Ampi, and learn how to surf through pipes. You don’t need to be a professional surfer. All you need is the attention and coordination to guide Ampi, while avoiding obstacles. What do you say: do you think you’ve got what it takes to become one of the Drain Pipe Surf Dudes?

Drain Pipe Surf Dudes offers 4 buildings to explore, of which you have to unlock 3. Every building has its own set of pipes, each one more dangerous than the other. Your task is to help Ampi safely reach the Exit point of every pipe, while collecting bottle caps and avoiding obstacles. From long forgotten objects like Crayolas and pointy pencils, to oil leaks that will slow Ampi down, the pipes are filled with obstacles. And this is just the beginning. As you go from one building to another, the obstacles are more numerous and dangerous. Plus, you have less than a minute to get Ampi to the Exit point, so you better hurry.

The controls of the game are extremely simple: you only have to tilt your device from left to right, since Ampi pretty much slides on his own and you only have to guide him. But there are other things you can do to make sure you clear the levels. While you have to avoid the oil leaks, you should go right through the green slime that helps Ampi gain more speed. Also, you can use the stars you earn with every level you clear to buy upgrades and power-ups from the Surf Store. You can buy more time, get super vision or a faster leaf, and even buy the janitor’s keys to unlock all the pipes. And if you don’t have enough stars, you can always purchase more.

From the really nice graphics to the engaging challenges, it’s a real pleasure to play Drain Pipe Surf Dudes. It’s fun, original, and easy enough to be attractive, but also hard enough to get you addicted.


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