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Rules Of Engagement Part 4


Kate hopped in the first Taxi and went straight to the Café. In the meantime, she tried calling Mike a couple of times to explain him the entire situation, but every time she tried to call, Mike’s phone was out of service. So, she wrote him a text message explaining the entire situation. Then, she deleted it. It was something way too personal to tell a guy on a first date. But then, what kind of a relationship could she start with this guy if she couldn’t even be honest with him? She wrote the message again. And deleted it again. By the time she reached the Café, the only word she had written in her message was: hi.

As soon as she paid the Taxi driver and closed the Taxi door, Tanya came running out of the Café. She grabbed Kate and took her to the back of the Café. She rapidly explained her what she had to do, gave her a uniform, kissed her and ran off, leaving Kate completely lost, with her uniform in one hand and a trey filled with cups and plates in the other one. Kate went to the bar, left the trey, then went straight to the bathroom to change. “It’s show time”, she told herself looking in the mirror, trying to find the strength for the night to come. And what a show was going to follow!

Just as she came out of the bathroom, one of the waitresses grabbed her:

–          You’re replacing Tanya, right? You have tables 3, 5, 7, 8 and 9, You think you can handle this?

Then, without even waiting for an answer, she went on talking:

–          Good, great. Now, go. Why are you still standing here? All your tables are full. Go and see what the customers need. And remember to smile. And be sure not to forget anything. Customers hate it when you bring them a Latte Macchiato instead of a Caffe Latte.

Kate didn’t even get to ask the waitress what was the difference between a Latte Macchiato and a Caffe Latte, as she found herself pushed towards a table. Trying to maintain her balance as the customers were looking at her as if she were an alien, she smiled and asked:

–          Are you ready to order yet?

Before she knew it, Kate was a pro at waiting. She didn’t screw up any of the orders, and every tip she got was higher than the usual 10%. It was all going great. Almost too good to be true. That’s when she turned her face toward the door and saw Alex.

Alex was one of those guys who just don’t get it that you don’t want to be with them until you shout it out loud. And Kate never did have the heart to brutally tell him that. So, he kind of thought he still had a shot. And naturally, no matter how hard Kate tried to keep a low profile, Alex spotted her and asked to be place at one of her tables. And what do you know: Kate was just collecting the payment from one of the tables, as a young couple was preparing to leave the Café. And just like that, the show began.

(To Be Continued)

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