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Rules Of Engagement Part 5

Meet the dad

–          Guess we’re meant to be together, Alex said smiling at Kate, while she was trying to force a smile. Then, turning to the person next to him, he said: Dad, meet Kate.

–          Oh, so you are the famous Kate I’ve heard so much of. Even more beautiful than my son described you. If I were any younger, what I would do to you. Or, are you one of those girls who are into older men? Can I hope for some daddy issues there?

Kate was too mortified to say anything. And seeing the reaction was not the one he expected, Alex’s dad continued:

–          Honey, don’t worry. It was just a joke. By God, Alex forgot to tell me you don’t have a sense of humor what so ever. How about bringing us two Café Lattes, and an ashtray. And I said Café Late, not that crappy Macchiato you guys have here. You think you can handle it, pretty?

Kate smiled and walked away from the table, cursing. She should have ended this story a long time ago. But here and now was neither the place, nor the time to make a scene. She just had to smile. “Smile and wave”, Kate, “smile and wave”.

–          Mmm, nice. I see you haven’t forgotten anything on the way. You even remembered about the ashtray. Ain’t that a good girl.

Alex opened his mouth to say something, but his father firmly squeezed his hand, as he was lighting his cigarette with the other hand.

–          And say, doll. What do you do for a living? Besides waiting tables, of course. I hope this is just a part time job.

–          Actually, I’m helping a friend, I don’t really work here. And now if you’ll excuse me…

–          Not so fast, puppet. You still haven’t answered my question. I get it you don’t work here, but where do you work? Or is it something to be ashamed of? A Video Chat job maybe?

–          I am still in school, studying Art. In a year, I’ll have my Masters degree and open a gallery. And, just so you know, those girls on Video Chats  can’t make a living otherwise. And be sure they don’t get any pleasure in old slimy bastards like you drooling all over them. Now, if you’ll excuse me…

–          After what you just said, I think I’m not going to excuse you, doll. If it weren’t for Alex here who is desperately in love with you, as you probably know already, I would call the manager and have you kicked out. But I’m willing to give you one more chance. You say you’re going to be an artist, huh? And how do you plan on doing that? Any sugar daddy back home? Or you’re planning to go abroad at one of those fancy programs? In fact, I have just come back from France. Beautiful country. You should go to study there.

–          I think I’ll pass. I want to study here and do something here. I don’t need to go anywhere else to succeed here.

–          I get it. You don’t have the money. You artists, it’s always the same story with you. Look, honey. I’ll make you a deal. I’ll pay for everything, give you an education, help you open your gallery. It will be just like in Great Expectations. I hope you do know what Great Expectations is, doll. And I’m not expecting anything in return. After all, my son can’t date a poor artist, who spends her nights working in a Café, right?

That was just the tip of the iceberg for Kate. The words and curses that came out of her mouth next were so many, so diversified and so angry even she couldn’t believe what she was saying as the words came pouring out of her mouth. Alex’s father just sat there, not saying anything, but Kate could see his face getting more and more red with anger. When she finally stopped screaming, the entire Café was looking at her. Alex’s father reached for his pack of cigarettes with shaky hands, but before he could reach it, he collapsed on the floor, unconscious.

5 minutes later, the man was being dragged to an ambulance, as Kate’s phone kept buzzing.

(To Be Continued)

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