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Rules Of Engagement Part 6

On The Telephone

Once all the madness was over, Kate just sat on a chair, with a cup of coffee in one hand and a cigarette in her mouth. It was definitely not the time for a coffee, but Kate didn’t care anymore. She was so exhausted that one coffee couldn’t change the situation. She was also angry and nervous at the thought that she let her best friend down again. But she had her pack of cigarettes to help her let these feelings go.

When she took her phone out of the bag, she had over 10 missed calls from Mike. Under a different, normal situation, this would have made her ego explode with pride. But now all she could do was laugh and call the person any other girl would have called in this situation. Not the boy, of course. But her best friend.

– Hey, sorry, did I wake you up?

– It’s 4 o’ clock in the morning. So, no, I was just preparing to bungee jump off a cliff. Guess you caught me on time.

– Look, I know how you are when it comes to sleep, but I really need your advice.

– It’s ok. Just give me a couple of seconds, ’cause you know I don’t remember anything when I talk on the phone just after waking up.

– Ok, in the meantime, I’ll just start with the least interesting part of my day. I just caused a 60 year old man a heart attack.

– What? If that’s the least interesting part, do I wanna hear the rest?

– Well, here it is. Are you all up and running?

– After a news like that, how could I not be?

– The thing is I had to meet this guy Mike tonight. No, that’s not how it started. As I was preparing to go to sleep, I got this cute message from Mike. One thing led to another, and we started texting each other. Then…

When Kate was finally over telling her story, she heard her friend shouting from the other end of the line:

– And why are you talking to me instead of calling him?

– Well, that’s what I wanted to ask you. What should I tell him, how should I handle this? Wait, there’s somebody else calling me on the other line. Oh my God, it’s him again. Fast, tell me what should I do?

– Just tell him the truth. You know I don’t like games. If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be. If not, then that’s it. At least you know where you’re standing. I’m gonna hang up now, so you better answer his call.

– Hello, hello. Are you still there?

– Hey, Kate. I’m so sorry. I know you’re mad, but please don’t hang up. I really have a good explanation for all this.

Kate looked at the screen of the phone and realized she accidentally answered Mike’s call.

– Kate, are you still there, Kate?

– Yes, I’m here. What happened?

– Look, I really messed up, I know. The thing is I have this friend, and she was desperate that her boyfriend left her, and…

Mike told her everything, or almost everything. And Kate was relieved to be able to tell her story without feeling ashamed for leaving him hanging, waiting for her for hours. By the time they were done talking, the sun was already shining bright. They knew each other’s almost complete stories. Minus the fact that the friend preventing Mike from going to the date was actually his ex. And the man with the heart attach was the father of a guy who was almost obsessed with Kate. But these were just details, right? The important thing was that by the end of their talk they knew each others’ favorite colors, bands, movies and zodiac signs. Plus, they also got to set another date for lunch.

Little did they know that all this time they have been standing a few feet from each other. Because while Kate was in front of the Cafe, Mike was sitting on a bench, on a parallel street, at the back of the Cafe.

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