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Rules Of Engagement Part 8

Getting a job without trying

Kate woke up feeling all dizzy. She looked at the clock on the wall, yawned, and got back to bed. Sat there with her eyes closed for a couple of seconds, then instantly opened them and jumped out of bed.

“Oh crap, oh crap, oh crap”, she thought while brushing her teeth and washing her face in a hurry. She picked up the first clothes she could find, put on a bit of mascara, grabbed her shoes and stormed out the door. In less than 15 minutes, she was out of bed and long gone from home. Which was quite impressive for Kate, who used to spend at least 2 hours preparing for a date.

An hour later, she was in front of the restaurant, where she was supposed to meet Mike for lunch. And, of course Mike wasn’t there since he already called and sent Kate a text to tell her he wasn’t going to make it because of his interview. But Kate couldn’t remember a thing. And when she reached for her phone to call Mike, she realized she had left the phone at home. So, she sat at a table and decided to wait for Mike, hoping that he hadn’t already been there and left, since she was so late.

Kate ordered a cup of coffee, grabbed a book from her bag, lit a cigarette, and peacefully got lost in her reading. But that didn’t last long, since 5 minutes later, she was interrupted by a man, asking to sit down next to her. She raised her eyes, quickly analysed the 30 something guy standing in front of her, and decided that it couldn’t hurt to hear what he was selling. At least until Mike showed up, since she couldn’t imagine herself reading alone for more than half an hour, anyway.

– I am James, James Danton.

– I am Kate Larson.

– It’s so nice to meet you. I’m really glad you agreed to talk to me. Hope I’m not freaking you out or something.

– At the moment, no, you aren’t. I’m just waiting to see what you’re selling.

– What I’m selling? I’m afraid I don’t understand.

– Well, there must be a reason why you wanted to sit here, right? There are a lot of unoccupied tables to choose from, so lack of space to sit can’t be your reason. Then, you either want to make a move on me, and if that’s the case, let me just tell you by now that I’m expecting someone to show up any minute now. Or, you’re selling something.

– Interesting. Well, I guess you’re right. I am trying to sell you something. The main role in a movie. What do you say?

– Main role in a movie? But I’m not an actress! And shouldn’t there be an audition for this, anyway?

– Indeed, this is the traditional way to choose someone for the part. But when I saw you sitting here, it hit me: this is my Sarah.

– Your Sarah?

– Sarah is the character’s name. You see, I am the writer of a little script called Remember Me. And it’s about a girl who wakes up every day in another place, without remembering how she got there. Finally, she decides to make the best out of this situation and enjoy all the different places she wakes up in, exploring new cultures from all over the world. Of course, at one point she finds someone, they instantly fall in love, and struggle to find a way to keep Sarah from leaving that place. Don’t imagine anything corny, because it’s not the case. It’s more of a fantasy than a romance. Here’s a copy of the script, if you’re interested.

– I must admit it sounds like something I’d watch. But as I already told you, I’m not an actress.

– Some people don’t need to be actors to be perfect for a part. How about giving it a try? Here’s my card, and if you could come on Thursday to audition, it would be perfect.

– Don’t quite know what to say. I’ll have to think about it, ok?

And just like that, three days later, while Mike was being informed that he didn’t get the job at Tom, Jerry, Micky Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and Co., Kate was not only going to the audition, but also getting the part.


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