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Rules Of Engagement Part 9

When the going gets tough…

– Hey, Mike, hi, what’s up?

– Oh, hi Kate…

– Sorry, did I wake you up?

– No, no, it’s just this damn cold. What happened? Is everything ok?

– Oh, you wouldn’t believe it. I got the part!

– Oh, that’s…that’s pretty amazing. Good. Great.

– Yeah. It’s probably not such a big deal. What about you? Did you get any answer from that firm you went to on Monday?

– No, not yet. There were a lot of other people interested in the job, so it’s probably hard for them to make a choice.

– I’m sure it’s all going to be great.

– Yeah, sure, sure.

– Well, guess we’ll talk later?

– Sure.

– Ok. Bye. Big k…

Kate didn’t even get to finish the sentence that Mike had already hung up the phone. She didn’t know what to think anymore. And she couldn’t believe that it’s been so long since they started talking to each other, and they still haven’t gotten to see each other. And now, with her leaving for Paris to film the movie, she started wondering if any of this had any point anymore. And he had been acting so weird the past three days. She kept thinking about these days and couldn’t quite understand what made everything change.

Sunday night they had that amazing talk on the phone, and it looked like they were a match made in Heaven. That is until she didn’t see his text, went to lunch, waited for him for hours, then got mad thinking he stood her up. Any rational person would have gone back home to check her phone. See if he texted or something. But no, not Kate. She turned everything into a real drama. Went to her best friend’s house and bitched all day long about how big of an ass Mike was. Then she got drunk. Then went to a club. Then woke up the next day with a terrible headache. Thank God it was her bed she woke up in, although she couldn’t quite remember how she got there. Later on, she found out some guy she met in the club brought her home safe and sound. “Unbelievable, there are still decent men in the world”, she though when she heard what happened.

But before talking to her friend and discovering the missing pieces of last night’s puzzle, Kate stumbled upon 5 unread messages and many more calls. They were all from Mike. The one telling her he couldn’t meet her for lunch. Another telling her just how awful the interview was, and how much he would like to see her. Another asking her out for dinner. Another asking her if she’s ok, and why she’s not answering her phone. And the last was just blank.

Kate picked up the phone and called Dave. It was her brother who helped her start this whole love story with Mike, and it had to be him to help her go on with it. And after talking with her brother for almost an hour on the phone, his advice was as simple as it gets: “just tell him the truth”. So, she called Mike, and she did. She told him the truth. Or, at least as much as she could recall of the previous night.

By the end of the talk, Kate could sense something was wrong. But she blamed it on Mike’s cold, and him being worried all night about her. But it wasn’t just that. And so, three days passed. No call. No text. No Facebook message. Nothing. And after calling him today, Kate was sure something was wrong. But just couldn’t get what was it.

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