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2 Ingredients That Keep Your Cakes From Sticking To The Pan


Whatever anyone says, the best cakes are the ones you make at home. Not just because they taste better or they are healthier, but also because you get the satisfaction of enjoying something you created from scratch. And baking is really easy. As long as you follow the recipe exactly, there’s no way to mess this up. Except for the moment you have to take your beautiful cake out of the pan, and you realize it’s all stuck. And if you’re not careful, you risk ending up with something that looks more like a puzzle, than a cake. But, as usual, there’s a simple solution to your problem.

When it comes to baking, probably one of the greatest inventions is the baking paper. It’s cheap, it’s easy to use, and your cake doesn’t stick. And now there are also non-stick pans that will help you get the same result as with baking paper. However, the trouble with these pans is that they are not as cheap as all the others. And the more you scratch them, the less stick-free they become. As for the baking paper, there must have been at least one time when you found yourself lacking this wonder ingredient to make your cake perfect. So, why not try a different ingredient when lacking baking paper? Or, better said, two ingredients that, combined, get you the same result as if you were using baking paper or a non-stick pan.

These 2 ingredients are oil and flour. Use a couple of drops of oil to grease the pan on its entire surface. Then just spread some flour on the entire surface of the pan as well. Tap the pan to equally spread the flour. And throw away the excess flour, if there is any. At this point, you have a protective layer to keep your cake from sticking to the pan. And don’t worry about the taste. Since the ingredients you used are probably also part of the cake recipe, this trick won’t change the initial taste of the cake one bit. Happy cooking!

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