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3 Money Saving Beauty Tips


Girls spend small fortunes every year trying to look their best. From make-up to clothes, shoes and bags, the average girl has a soft spot for at least one of these products, if not for all of them. And the worst part about these beauty products is that they’re neither cheap, nor time resistant. So, you end up buying a new mascara every couple of months, nail polishers, blushes, lipsticks, lip balms, and so on. But what if you could make these products last longer? Or get the same result by paying less money? Well, guess what: you can! 🙂

It’s all about the brush

At least once every couple of months, the famous brands bring you a new type of mascara. And, of course, it’s advertised as being better than anything you have tried before. But the thing is, it’s not the expensive mascara that makes your eyelashes look as advertised, but the brush. So, once you find an expensive product that gets you just the result you are looking for, there’s really no point in worrying you won’t be able to afford another, once you’re done using this one. Just keep the brush, and use it with any other brand of mascara. The result will be exactly the same. Plus, you’ll save some money, as well.

Just add acetone

I always do my nails. Some girls dye their hair in funky colors every couple of months, buy badges, bows, ties or shoelaces, get another piercing or tattoo to express their personality. To be different. To make their mark. I let my imagination flow when it comes to my nails. And it’s been more than once when I ran out of my favorite nail polish and couldn’t find another just like it anywhere. Plus, most nail polishers can’t be used until the last drop, because the brush is to short, or the polish thickens so much you can’t use it any more. Well, when this happens, there’s one cheap product you need to solve the problem: acetone. Just pour a bit of acetone inside the nail polish bottle, shake it up, and you’re good to go. You bough yourself at least another month to enjoy your favorite nail polish, while applying it on a weekly basis.

All you need is honey

During the cold season, I always got my lips all dried up. And the more I peeled them off, the worse they got. So, I started buying a different lip balm every couple of weeks. But nothing seemed to work. Searching for other products, I came across an article recommending honey as a natural remedy for this problem. Clearly, I was pretty skeptical about it. Plus, it was a total disaster at first, because it was really sticky and I constantly ended up eating it off my lips. That’s until I decided to apply it just before I got to bed. The result? Total success! Every morning, when I woke up, my lips were no longer dry.  Of course, you can’t go around carrying a jar of honey with you. But if you apply it every night, in a week or so, you might not even need to apply any lip balm during the day.

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