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3 Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles

Recycling is one of the most effective ways to dispose of plastic bottles, aluminum cans, glass recipients and other eco harmful materials. But once in a while it so happens you don’t get the time or the means to recycle. And when that happens, there’s no need to worry. Because recycling isn’t the only way to manage your old plastic bottles, cans or glass recipients. You can also reuse them in numerous ways. And here are just 3 ways to reuse plastic bottles:

Use them as flower vases

The easiest way to reuse plastic bottles is as flower vases. You can either use them as such, or paint them or mold them if the shape of the bottle allows you to. The best part about it is that now you’ll have a recipient where you can fit even the tallest flowers you receive. The downside is that if the flowers are too heavy, there’s a good chance the bottle will tip over, and all that water will spill on the floor. But if you glue something heavy to its bottom (like a piece of wood), your problem is solved!



Turn them into flower pots

All you need to make a flower pot out of your plastic bottle is a pair of scissors. Cut your bottle in half, and keep the bottom. Give it a few holes at the bottom to prevent your flowers from drowning. Fill it with soil and plant your beautiful flower. And for an even more beautiful aspect of your pot, paint it, wrap it in colored paper, glue funny images to it…whatever you want. Your creativity is the limit! As for the top part of the bottle (the one you haven’t used so far), you can always use it as a funnel 🙂

Make your own personalized sprinkler

If, when making pots and vases, it’s better to use larger bottles, when making a sprinkler, you can even use the smallest bottle you have. And this time, the most important part of the trick is not the bottle itself, but the cap of the bottle. Make several tiny holes in it using a sharp device, like a knife or a pair of nail scissors. Fill your bottle with water, put the cap back on and squeeze the bottle to make the water pour out through the holes. This way, you can be sure you never spill to much liquid when watering your plants. And you can also use the sprinkler to easily clean the leaves of the flowers.


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  • Some great ideas for using what you’ve got!

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