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3 Ways To Turn Letters Into Creative Gifts


We rarely write letters anymore. With Emails, Text Messages and so many Social Networks, letters have become something we only write on special occasions. And since this has become their main purpose, why not make them even more festive? So, here are 3 tips to help you turn any ordinary piece of paper you’ve written on into something worth keeping. And not only for the message it bares, but mainly for its design.


Make your mark

I, for one, have always been attracted to those letters baring the king’s seal. It was absolutely fascinating how they sealed the envelopes with wax and then used that sort of stamp maker to press on it. And at some point, I remember I actually found a package containing some special wax and a stamp maker, but it was so expensive that I gave up on the idea of buying it. Especially since there’s a way cheaper method of getting the same result. All you need to do is melt a candle and let the wax drip on the envelope. Then, instead of using a stamp maker, use an old coin or any other small object with an interesting, embossed design on it. Press the coin on the half dried wax, and there you go: you have your own, personalized seal.

Message in a bottle…or in a dessert

Finding a message in a bottle, or a ring in your dessert or in a glass of champagne is an extremely romantic concept. Although, I would probably swallow the ring along with the dessert or champagne 🙂 And if you throw your bottle with the message in the water, there’s a chance that, on the way, the paper will get so wet it will be ruined. But, as usual, there’s a simple way to hide your message in a bottle, a dessert, even in a glass filled with champagne, without getting the paper ruined. And I bet no matter how clumsy your friend is, he/she won’t accidentally swallow the note along with the food or beverage you put it in. All you need is some colorless tape, and a bit of patience if you have a small roll of tape. Write your message on a piece of paper, wrap it in colorless tape, and then you can hide it anywhere you want without risking having it destroyed by liquids, foods, or other things.

Origami letter

The ultimate way of turning an ordinary piece of paper into a work of art is definitely Origami. Now, if you’ve created these type of figurines from paper before, you can write your message and then start shaping your piece of paper. But if you’re new at this, I advise you to first try and make the figurine, unwrap the paper, write your message, and then redo your Origami, following the already made marks on the paper. Hearts are really easy to do, as well as the already legendary Prison Break swan. Although, I always mess up the tail. But there all types of unimaginable and extraordinary things you can do with just a piece of paper.

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