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An Apple Today, And You Don’t Have To Throw Your Tabacco Away


I can’t really say I’m a smoker. Because I don’t know how big of a smoker you can be, when you can go on for days, weeks, and even months without smoking a cigarette. I guess it’s more fair to say I’m an occasional smoker. So, when I got myself a pack of fresh tobacco, I was really excited thinking it’s gonna last a lifetime with my smoking habits. One month later, the pack was almost full, but it was so dried up that it was almost impossible to use it any longer.

I know tobacco is supposed to be dry, but not that dry. So, I was ready to give up on it and throw it away, when one of my friends came up with an almost brilliant solution: a piece of apple. The trick was to place one thin slice of apple or a couple of small diced pieces inside the pack, along with the tobacco. The result? A couple of days later, the tobacco was as good as new. And even better, since it now had a touch of flavour to its taste.

However, not any fruit will do the trick. Later on, I tried the same thing with a different pack, only I used a slice of pear instead of an apple. Total fail. It all got really sticky. You couldn’t even light it anymore, because it wasn’t dry enough. And it also started rotting a couple of weeks later.

So, improvising is good. But, sometimes an apple a day is what really keeps the doctor away. Not a pear, an apricot, a cherry, or some other fruit.

And if you really want to keep the doctor away, remember: you can always drop the tobacco, and enjoy the apple for its flavour and vitamins instead 🙂

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