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How To Make Paint Last Longer On Different Materials

When making a gift, I like to add a personal touch to it. Or when it comes to an ugly, ordinary glass, a salad bowl, an ashtray, anything that it lacking personality, I like to add a bit of color to it and completely change it. I like to make my own necklaces, rings and bracelets using clay or whatever else comes in handy. But whatever I do, the most important ingredient to turn any ordinary thing into something that catches the eye, is paint.

Now, the thing with paint is that once you put it on glass, ceramic, clay or any other material, it washes away as soon as you put that material under water. So, you end up with a beautiful object you can only use for interior design purposes. But what if you want to use your beautifully painted glass to actually drink from it? Then, you’d have to use special oil paint in the first place. And it’s usually so expensive that you’ll probably end up buying a new glass instead of trying to pretty up the old one. But don’t give up on your creativity just yet! Because there’s always a cheaper way to get the same result.

Instead of using expensive oil paint, use your regular paint or watercolors, and colorless nail polish. Paint your glass, wait for it to dry, then simply add colorless nail polish on the painted surface of the glass. If you have a small glass, pick the brush you regularly use to polish your nails with. But if you’re looking for a more effective way to spread the polish, especially when you’re dealing with bigger objects, you can use any type of brush to complete the task. One thing though, if you pick a brush you are usually using when painting, you should dip it in acetone or other type of thinner afterwords to prevent it from getting stiff.

Once the nail polish is dry too, you can feel free to use your glass and wash it time after time, just like you did before. The color won’t probably stick as long as it does with the already colored glasses you buy, but you will definitely get the same result as if you were using special oil paint.



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