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Ice, Anyone?


It sometimes looks as if we only need one thing to make summer more bearable. And this is ice. We drink ice cold drinks, put ice cubes in our coffees, eat ice-creams all day long and dream about those icy days of winter. Hell, if they tasted any good, we would probably eat frozen potatoes and pizzas straight from the bag. Anything, as long as it cools the air a bit. But what do you do when you open your freezer in the middle of the night to make yourself an ice cold drink, and realize there are no ice cubes left?

At this point, you could go back to bed, and wait for morning to come. But probably the thirst is so aggressive that you have to do something about it. Get out of bed and go buy some ice? Call and have it delivered? See if your best friend next door has some ice cubes left in his freezer? None of these things sounds that appealing in the middle of the night. If only you had one of those ice cube frames that you just put water in, shove them in the freezer, and in an hour or so, your ice problem is solved. But what if I told you that you have one of these containers and you don’t even know about it.

You only need a box of candy and your problem is solved. Take the plastic frame out of the box, take the candy out of the frame, and fill the holes, where the candy used to be, with water. Put the plastic container in your freezer and there you go: depending on your freezer, in an hour or so, you’ll have ice. It’s not that fast, I know, but it’s definitely the cheapest, most comfortable way to get ice cubes, when the craving hits you in the middle of the night.

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