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Let’s Shake Things Up a Bit

I have been wishing for a shaker for some time now. Not that I’m making cocktails on a weekly basis, but it’s just something I always imagined having in my home. So, I finally got over the pretty high price and bought one. And let me just tell you this: it’s not what I’ve expected it to be.

Besides being really small, when you pour, it drips all over the place. And with all this disappointment, I’ve also realised that I didn’t even have to spend all that money to buy it. Instead, I could have easily made one on my own. Or replace it with something else. Especially since I’m not making cocktails for a living 🙂

On one hand, if you have a blender, you really don’t need a shaker. It’s way bigger than a shaker, and it definitely shakes things up better than you can using a regular shaker. On the other hand, if you don’t have a blender, you can make your own shaker using almost anything that has the right form, and a lid on top. A jar, a tin can, or even a bottle, if you’re not keen on shaking the ice along with the liquids.

And above all, you know what? Even if your improvised shaker doesn’t look as cool as the original, you can always make it look better. Paint it, carve it, draw on it, put stickers or wrap all sorts of materials around it. If you have the time, you can even have a shaker with a different design for every occasion. All this well under the price you’d pay for a medium-priced shaker.

So today’s tip for you: if you ever think about buying a shaker, don’t go for a medium-priced one, like I did. Either buy a professional one. Or, better yet, make it yourself.


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