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Who Wants Pie?

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Recently, I’ve moved to a new place. And, although I thought I took every tiny tiny thing from my previous home, not a day passes without discovering yet another thing I forgot. From small items, like scented candles or a beer opener, to more important stuff, like my hair dryer or the muffin pan, it sometimes seems like I was sleepwalking throughout this whole moving process. So, I had to get creative. Especially since I never discovered these items were missing before it was too late to get them back or buy new ones.

One of the first things I discovered I have left behind was my dough roller. I love to cook all sorts of deserts, so making a pie was pretty much inevitable. I bought all the ingredients, set everything up, mixed them all together, made the dough and the apple filling, and just as I was preparing to roll the dough out, it hit me. I forgot to take the roller when I moved out.

Buying a new roller at that time of the evening was not an option. Especially since I would have lost another couple of hours going to the supermarket and all, so I started looking for something to replace the dough roller. Using your hands is out of the question, so don’t try that at home. The wooden handle of the wine opener is just as useless. And so is a wooden spoon. But there are, at least two things, that will pretty much do the trick: a glass bottle, or a jar. And all you have to do is to just turn the jar or the bottle horizontally and start using it as a regular dough roller.

Really simple, right? So, next time you’re looking to make a pie and can’t find your dough roller, don’t just give up on the idea. Use a glass bottle or a jar instead. You’ll be pretty amazed of the result.




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